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Updated on 19 May 2023

After 21 hours of research, comparing 47 vacuum cleaners and testing 21 of them, we believe the Dreame T30 offers the best value for money.

This comparison is certified 100% impartial and follows our selection process.

Our choice, Best mid-range

Dreame T30

Offering excellent performance on hard floors, short pile carpets and rugs, this model manages to compete with the Dyson models for a much lower price while also including a very good Auto mode.

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Dreame T30

As well as its undeniably premium styling, we saw how well this Hoover works. For example, its HD display allowed us to know at any time how much autonomy we had left, how much dust was on our floor or how much power we were using. It has eco, normal and turbo modes as well as an efficient automatic mode. It is perfect for pet owners thanks to its electric brush specially designed to pick up pet hair. The other accessories, which are similar or even identical to those on the G10, are equally relevant, and none of them will remain unused in the charger for long. During our tests, it achieved an impressive 90 minutes in manual mode (Eco mode), but this drops to 52 minutes with the main brush (which is self-powered and has an LED). With the main brush, it lasts 35 minutes in normal mode and 12.5 minutes in turbo mode, which is about average. Finally, the recharging time is less than 3 hours, which is interesting.



Best High-end

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro

The Dyson is a great performer on all floors and has a record-breaking battery life. It’s also really comfortable to use, thanks to its LCD screen and numerous accessories.

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Living up to Dyson’s reputation, the V11 Absolute is a cordless hoover that is both practical and powerful. It works on both hard floors and carpets and automatically adjusts the suction power to the detected floor surface. It has an autonomy of up to 60 minutes, which is twice as long as that of a traditional upright hoover. The LCD screen makes it easy to use by displaying the remaining autonomy and the activated power level. 


Mid-range alternative

Xiaomi G11

With its touchless canister opening, this vacuum cleaner is ideal for allergy sufferers. It also offers excellent performance on pet hair thanks to its turbo brush.

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Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11

During our tests, we found that this version was very similar to the G10 we had previously tested. For example, it incorporates some of the same accessories as the G10, such as the turbo brush (which is still very effective) and the crevice tool. This vacuum also has a hand brush, a long stick and a main brush with a slightly different roller that traps less hair. Its performance is very effective on hard floors and short pile carpets. However, on the latter, the Hoover lost a lot of manoeuvrability and failed to remove the finest particles (we used salt) quickly and 100%. Therefore, we do not recommend it if you have carpets or several large rugs at home. On the other hand, we were surprised to see that this time the tank was opened by a button near the handle and closed without pressing the lid. As a result, we did not come into contact with dust at any time. However, we preferred the Dreame T30 for its larger tank (it has a 300 ml tank) and for its better autonomy, as the G11 only has 26 minutes in Auto mode (although the ECO mode works great).


Our selection

Our choice, Best mid-rangeBest High-endMid-range alternative
Dreame T30 Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Xiaomi G11
Offering excellent performance on hard floors, short pile carpets and rugs, this model manages to compete with the Dyson models for a much lower price while also including a very good Auto mode. The Dyson is a great performer on all floors and has a record-breaking battery life. It's also really comfortable to use, thanks to its LCD screen and numerous accessories. With its touchless canister opening, this vacuum cleaner is ideal for allergy sufferers. It also offers excellent performance on pet hair thanks to its turbo brush.
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How did we do the tests?

To test the various devices, we first took the time to unpack them and assess their design and build quality. We also looked at the ergonomics and practicality of each unit (accessories, correct fit, comfort in the hand…). We also looked at the system for emptying the tank, as this is a task that needs to be repeated frequently.

Black+Decker PowerSeries+

Our various suction tests also allowed us to evaluate the performance on various types of surfaces, namely hard floors, carpets, short and long pile carpets and with different sizes of dirt (rice, salt, pet hair…). Finally, noise and autonomy were analysed in the different possible suction modes.

NameNumber of speedsPerformance assessmentNormal mode autonomyTurbo mode autonomyIn-use noise
Dreame T303 + Auto mode5/535’12’ 30”68 - 76 dB
Tineco Pure One Air2 (including Auto mode)4/524’ (Auto)11’ 20”68 - 69 dB
Xiaomi G113 (including Auto mode)4/5(Auto)9’66,5 - 75 dB
Dreame T203 (including Auto mode)4/531’ (Auto)10’ 30”73 - 82 dB
Dyson V8 Animal+24/540’7’90 - 100 dB


How to choose a stick hoover?

The upright hoover is becoming increasingly popular and is almost supplanting all other hoovers on the market. Practical for those who have to regularly vacuum their main living space, this compact, cordless and high-performance appliance has a lot going for it.  

Aspirateur balai

Here’s a quick overview of the criteria to look out for when making your purchase:

  • Ergonomics: its size, more compact and lighter than a canister hoover, is the first reason to favour the upright hoover. Some models are even able to stand upright without a stand. It is also easier to handle, freeing you from the heavy sled to pull behind you and the cord that limits the range of action. Before buying, always test the grip of the appliance to see if the handle and trigger.

Hyundai Lofty Sweep

  • Power: in terms of figures, it is difficult to assess the value of a hoover without evaluating it, as power is a combination of several factors. From a practical point of view, it is interesting to choose one with several power levels, to adapt to all floor coverings.

Roborock H7

  • Battery life: for now, this varies from 30 to 60 minutes at normal power. At maximum power, this figure is greatly reduced, sometimes to less than 10 minutes. The larger your home, the longer the battery will have to last. Also take a look at the time it takes to fully recharge, which varies from 2 to 5 hours.

Redroad V17

  • The tank: it is generally smaller than on a canister hoover, often with a capacity of less than 1 L. This means that you have to empty it more often, but this is usually made easier by a touchless emptying system.

Proscenic P10 Pro

  • Noise: this is not the quietest Hoover, as it is difficult for manufacturers to soundproof a device of this size without affecting its weight. The average noise level is around 80 dB but can be even higher at maximum power.

Roborock H7

  • The accessories: the variety of these allows its use to be multiplied in all corners of the house. For example, there is a long nozzle for corners and skirting boards and a brush for vacuuming fabrics (especially for pet owners). Most upright vacuums can also be converted into a handheld hoover. The storage station is also an interesting space-saving accessory, especially if it allows simultaneous recharging.


Other models we recommend

Dreame T20 (£279.00 upon publication): a mid-range alternative. Overall, this is a very good vacuum cleaner. It performs well on hard floors and short pile carpets, has a nice design and has good battery life. However, its improvements do not differentiate it too much from the T10, despite the presence of a display and an automatic mode.

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute (£659.00 upon publication): an option with numerous accessories. After our tests, we recommend this vacuum cleaner to pet owners. One of its many accessories is a super-powered turbo brush, which easily removed the hair from our fabric chair. What’s more, the hair didn’t curl up or get stuck on the roller of the two main brushes (the Illuminated and the Digital Motorbar). There are also many other interesting accessories, such as a soft brush, a crevice tool and a 2-in-1 brush, to name but a few. The suction on hard floors was very good, even when using the Illuminated brush to pick up the finest particles in the grooves of the tiles. The Illuminated Brush has a laser beam that illuminates the floor, but we thought it was a shame that it was located in one corner of the brush, so the dust was not visible along the entire length of the brush. The other brush should be suitable for all types of floor, but we would not recommend it for carpets as it is not very manoeuvrable. Its negative points? Mediocre ergonomics (no continuous suction, heavy weight and poor grip) combined with an exorbitant price.


Other models we tested

Candy CAS10 (£85.71 upon publication): Although its suction power is good, its very high operating noise level (88 dB) meant that we excluded it from the main selection.

Redroad V17 (£242.99 upon publication): It is capable of picking up all types of dirt as long as it is dispersed and not agglomerated. Its autonomy is either very good or very poor, depending on the suction mode used. Given all this, we would only recommend this model to people who do not have carpets or rugs at home, as the Eco mode is not sufficient for this type of surface.

Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity (£259.99 upon publication): We have to admit that we were rather disappointed with the overall performance of this vacuum cleaner, even though it is marketed as one of the most complete in its range. We think it deserves a little more power and a better overall design to fully justify its price.

Proscenic P10 Pro (£269.00 upon publication): We left it out of the main selection because of its poor ergonomics. During tests, its accessories did not fit and were easily dislodged, its touchscreen was too sensitive and its filter caught pet hair.

Rowenta Air Force 360 (£299.99 upon publication): Although it is a good appliance, this Rowenta lacks a bit of autonomy compared to what the new models are capable of. It only lasts 20 minutes in normal mode, compared to an average of 35-40 minutes for the other models. However, in our opinion, its performance is quite convincing (although the noise generated by the vibrations, combined with that of the engine block, is somewhat tedious).

Dyson V8 Animal+ (£399.00 upon publication): Although newer models have better features (especially in terms of autonomy), the V8 gives you access to Dyson’s fearsome suction quality at a lower price. In any case, our tests convinced us, except for the lack of a trigger lock, which severely compromises its ergonomics and led us to exclude it from our main selection.

Roborock H7 (£349.90 upon publication): Lacking in ergonomics, with an impractical handle and mediocre autonomy that drops considerably with the broom instead of using one of the handheld accessories (from 90 to 38 minutes).

Jimmy H9 Pro (£359.00 upon publication): When we put it to the test, we found that its automatic mode was slow to respond, and its performance when it came to vacuuming the finest particles was mediocre. In addition, the accessories look very fragile…

Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 (£399.99 upon publication): This improved version of the Air Force 360 is distinguished by its good ergonomics. In addition to its main head equipped with a row of LEDs that turns it into a handheld hoover, the flexibility of the handle makes it possible to pass it under furniture. With its high performance on all types of floors, it is equipped with patented cyclonic technology in two power levels. The 0.65-litre tank can be completely removed for emptying. On the other hand, its autonomy is 35 minutes.

Hyundai Lofty Sweep (not available): During our tests, we quickly noticed that its power of 150 W was not enough to vacuum properly, even on hard floors. It is also quite short, so people over 1.90 m tall will not be able to use it comfortably.

B&D PowerSeries+ (not available): Although it only comes with a single flat suction unit as an accessory, this Black+Decker hoover delivers a good level of suction for its low price. It offers very good manoeuvrability, and we found it very pleasant to use thanks to its limited weight. However, it also has its shortcomings: an unpleasant noise at full power and a range that could be improved.

Dreame T10 (not available): Overall very similar to Xiaomi’s G10, this model is a little less efficient in our opinion. The lack of an automatic mode and the limited range of the Turbo mode makes it slightly less interesting than its counterpart. However, it is still a good hoover that will find its place among pet owners. We especially recommend it to people sensitive to noise, as it is quite quiet for a broom model.



Translated by Ramsés El Hajje

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