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At Selectos, our mission is to help as many people as possible make better purchases.

To do this, our team of specialist writers compare and test hundreds of products in an unbiased manner.

How do we work? (FAQ)

Is your advice really impartial?
Impartiality is the most important value in our company. None of our articles are sponsored, and we never agree to promote one brand over another for a fee. Our writers aim to find the best products on the market, regardless of the brand. For us, it is essential to be impartial and independent in our recommendations. It is on these values that we want to establish a relationship of trust with our readers.
How do you make money?
At Selectos, all the content our editorial team produces is 100% unbiased and free because our mission is to help as many people as possible make better purchases. Of course, we still need to generate revenue to pay our employees and continue to provide you with quality content. To do this, we use the following monetization methods:

1 – Affiliation: on our website, when you click on a link to an e-commerce and make a purchase, we often receive a small commission from the e-commerce. This method allows us to generate revenue without encouraging us to recommend one brand over another. Indeed, the percentage of commission is the same regardless of the brand.

2 – Sponsored articles and placements: they are produced in collaboration with brands that want to gain visibility on Selectos. The articles and sponsored placements are not written by the Selectos editorial team, but by an independent commercial editor. Sponsored articles and placements are clearly marked as such wherever they appear. The Selectos editorial team is never influenced in its product recommendations by potential collaborations that the sales team may have with a particular brand.
How do you choose the best products?
For each article, our editors spend several hours researching, analysing and comparing products. Based on reliable sources, product data sheets, but also expert opinions and tests, their mission is to find those that offer the best value for money. Each product is analysed according to precise selection criteria, which we indicate in the “How did we make our choice? Our goal is not to recommend the products with the most features, nor the latest releases that have not yet proven themselves. Our aim is to help you find the best products, those that offer the best value for money and are a safe bet. As the market is changing rapidly, our selections are kept up to date and regularly re-evaluated. PS: Please note that our selections are intended for the “general public”. If you are a specialist in a particular field, you may find our selection and analysis too conventional. We fully understand this.
Do you test the products you select?
Until December 2020, we only compared products based on research and analysis. Since January 2021, we have started to test products in certain categories in order to improve our content quality and recommendations. In the coming months and years, we aim to further expand the number of product categories for which we test products.
Are the article writers experts in their field?
Each writer is responsible for the product categories they know best and continually educate themselves to become an expert in their field. Through research, regular reading of books and specialist literature and keeping abreast of market developments, they quickly become experts in their chosen field.

Our team

The editorial team

​​​​Robin Lespagnard | CEO

​​​​​​​​During his studies in e-business, this entrepreneur at heart launched many projects before finding the concept that would allow him to found Selectos, for which he was nominated in several competitions.

​​​​Marie Eggermont | Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Head of Appliances, Beauty, Leisure and Gift Ideas

Marie is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Selectos. She loves learning about everything and is very creative. She writes for the Home Appliances, Beauty, Entertainment and Gift Ideas sections. She has already tested hundreds of household appliances and beauty products in our editorial office, and has compared hundreds more during her work as an editor.

​​​​Guillaume Meirsschaut | Head of Technology and Domotics

​​​Guillaume writes mainly for the High Tech section of Selectos. A Marketing graduate, he has been passionate about technological products since his childhood. From gaming keyboards to wireless headphones, he has already tested dozens of high-tech products and compared hundreds of others during his work as a writer.

​​​​Maud Collignon | Head of Sport, Leisure and Health

Maud writes mainly for the Sport/Leisure and Health sections of Selectos. With a degree in Communications, she has 20 years of intensive sports practice, some of them as a basketball coach. She has already tested hundreds of sports products, both classic and smart, and has compared hundreds more in her work as a writer.


​​​​Arnaud Brasseur | Designer and video maker

Present since the beginning of the site, he is in charge of the whole visual identity of the company, from the website to the graphic charter, including the external promotional elements.

​​​​Kevin Aldenhoff | Web Developer

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Freshly graduated in computer science and specialised in web development, Kevin proved his skills at a Hackathon in March 2019, where he won a first prize.


​​​​Ramsès El Hajje | International version Manager

Ramses is in charge of the International Version of Selectos. A polyglot, he combines his university degree in Foreign Languages with a solid experience as a language teacher and translator. He has been trained in product comparison by the Selectos editorial team, and has already compared hundreds of products in his Spanish-language article adaptations.

In the press

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