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Published on September 5, 2023

After testing 7 of the most popular mops online, we’ve concluded that the Vileda Ultramax is the most practical mop to use while offering excellent value for money. And if you’re looking for a more classic mop model, it’s the Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo that we recommend for its ease of assembly.

This comparison is certified 100% impartial and follows our selection process.

Our choice, Best cheap

Vileda Ultramax 155737

This skid broom is the most convenient to use thanks to its bucket while having an excellent quality/price ratio. Coming with 2 pads and 2 brush heads, it’s also easy to maintain.

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Vileda Ultramax 155737

During our tests, we quickly screwed on this broom’s 3-part handle and mounted the accompanying bucket. The head of the broom (36.5 x 14.5 cm) is rather unusual in that it unclips at the center when the specific mechanism is pressed, allowing the pad to be placed entirely in the bucket, then wrung out in the dedicated system. We found this principle ingenious and effective.

In terms of practicality, the maximum height of the handle (1.295 m) was ideal for our 1.70 m tester. The pad is snap-fastened to the broom head, so you have to change it manually. However, you don’t have to do this during cleaning, thanks to the bucket. During spinning, we found that very little water was splashed out, thus avoiding splashes.

As for efficiency, since the mop is well wrung out, we used less water, allowing the floors to dry more quickly. Of course, it is possible to add a cleaning product to the water to clean floors more effectively. During our tests, we quickly cleaned up ketchup without worry.

Finally, the microfiber pads can go in the washing machine up to 60°C, making them easy to care for. In our case, all the stains were gone in one wash, even the ketchup ones, and the skate dried quickly.



Best mid-range

Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo

This is the mop we recommend most. Its bucket allows for better wringing than most other models of this type, as it uses a centrifugal system.

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Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo

Machine washable at 30°C, the mop on this broom is made from microfibers. Its advantage is that it is able to capture dust and other dirt well. However, the downside is that it accumulates lint when cleaned with other things, as was the case during our tests. Its fringed design also makes it slower to dry.

However, these minor disadvantages are clearly outweighed by its simplicity of assembly and ease of use. Simply mount the handle and clip the mop into the cleaning head for use. Its bucket incorporates a pedal-operated spin system that allows you to squeeze the mop, then spin it at full speed to wring it out like a salad. Of course, this type of mop is best used for cleaning with a lot of water. As such, we wouldn’t recommend it on wood floors, although the brand does say you can use it on finished hardwoods and laminate floors.

In use, its maximum handle height of 1.29 m (up to 2 parts can be removed) came in handy for our 1.70 m tester. We quickly cleaned our tiles, and ketchup was no exception. Note, however, that the mop can be quite heavy when waterlogged. Pay attention to your positioning when lifting it to wring it out, so you don’t hurt your back.


Our selection

Our choice, Best cheapBest mid-range
Vileda Ultramax 155737 Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo
This skid broom is the most convenient to use thanks to its bucket while having an excellent quality/price ratio. Coming with 2 pads and 2 brush heads, it's also easy to maintain. This is the mop we recommend most. Its bucket allows for better wringing than most other models of this type, as it uses a centrifugal system.
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How did we test?

In order to test mops, we decided to consider both skate and mop types. We started by judging their ease of assembly (handle and bucket). We also noted whether they had spare mops/pads, and measured the maximum height of the handles as well as the size of the pads.

Next, we used them on tiled floors to check whether they were easy to use, but also whether they glided well and managed to remove ketchup. When there was a bucket, we judged whether the spin mechanism was efficient and didn’t splash water everywhere.

Finally, we cleaned each skate/mop in the washing machine according to the brand’s information. After that, we checked that the various stains had disappeared and that the skates/mops were undamaged.


How to choose your mop?

To help you choose your mop, we’ve listed a series of criteria to pay attention to. Here it is:


  • The type of mop: there are runner mops, which are rectangular and flat, and mop brooms. The former allow you to use little or no water, while the latter are more interesting for heavy-duty cleaning with lots of water.


  • The material: more often than not, manufacturers opt for microfiber, which is renowned for catching and keeping dirt in its bristles. However, some brands also use viscose for their mops. We recommend this option if you’re looking to remove stubborn stains, but less so for dust cleaning, as the material absorbs more water and the dirt slides right off.
  • Handle height: this should be considered in relation to your height to make using your broom as comfortable as possible. For example, for a 1.70 m tall person, we recommend a handle height of around 1.30 m.


  • The presence of accessories: beyond the number of spare mops included with the purchase, it’s worth asking about the presence of a bucket for continuous water cleaning. The most practical buckets come with a system for wringing out your mop so you use only a minimum amount of water.
  • Maintenance: for greater convenience, opt for a model whose mops/pads can be machine-washed. The most resistant of them can be washed at up to 60°C to properly remove all encrusted dirt, but also eliminate most bacteria and viruses.



Other mops we recommend

Masthome Mop Broom HGCTMMB19009-10P-FR-2 (€41.39 at time of publication): A solution for effectively removing lint and hair from the skate. During our tests, we found this mop quite simple to assemble. All we had to do was screw the 4 parts of the handle together and clip the whole assembly to the mop head. Note that you also need to add the handle to the bucket, but again, the task is very simple. On the practical side, the handle has a maximum height of 1.405 m with 2 removable parts, and the broom comes with 10 machine-washable pads. The bucket is rather unusual in that it comes with a compartment for water (‘Wash’) on one side and a compartment for drying and removing excess water (‘Dry’) on the other. The bucket is covered by a lid that allows you to really scrape the skate in each of the compartments. In the wash compartment, for example, there’s a full-width brush to remove dirt, dust and hair from the skate. We found this rather effective and innovative in use. However, as we dry the skate in the other compartment, the water rises in the latter and we end up with the skate soaking in dirty water. As a result, we think this solution will only be of interest to studio or apartment owners, or people who do their cleaning room by room. However, in our opinion, the big flaw of this model is that you have to hold the broom head in your hand to get it into the bucket, which is not hygienic.


Other mops tested

Leifheit Set Classic Mop (€14.99 at time of publication): We simply couldn’t get the handle up on this model, despite using our team’s most developed muscles…

Spontex Extra Flat Mop (€25.49 at time of publication):Not only does the handle on this mop not unscrew instinctively, but changing mops isn’t very practical. It’s also the only one that retained a small stain on its mop after machine cleaning at 60°C.

Vileda 2-in-1 Spray Broom 166174 (€28.49 at time of publication): As well as sinking when in use, this broom with integrated water reserve in its handle can’t be adjusted for height, making it practical only for tall people.

MR.SIGA Flat Broom (€29.99 at time of publication):Like the Spontex, we didn’t find the handle on this mop very instinctive to lock. What’s more, the absence of a bucket isn’t very practical and caused us to put a lot more water on the mop than we really needed.