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Updated on September 5, 2023

After testing 9 changing bags, we’ve concluded that the Changing Backpack from BabbleRoo is currently the most practical and comfortable, while being large and sold at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a handbag or shoulder bag instead, which is also XXL in size, we recommend the Béaba Genève II.

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Our choice, Best cheap

BabbleRoo Changing Backpack

This changing backpack is the most practical of all those we tested, thanks to its large capacity, numerous pockets and larger-than-average changing mattress.

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BabbleRoo Changing Backpack

During our tests, we judged this backpack to be resistant thanks to its reinforced seams. Its fabric proved to be water-repellent, which is always an advantage when faced with the vagaries of the weather. We also noted the presence of 2 fasteners that enable it to be attached to a stroller via its handles. It’s available in 9 colors and visually adapted for mixed use.

On the accessories side, there’s a relatively soft changing mat for its thickness, and one that’s wider than we’ve seen from its competitors. What’s more, there’s also a small purse attached to the side of the bag for a pacifier, for example. While there’s no specific isothermal pocket, we counted 5 different isothermal compartments capable of holding a bottle upright.

What we especially liked about this model is that there are zippered pockets absolutely everywhere. There are 3 small ones on the front, a medium one that opens all the way up, a large main one and one that opens all the way up on the back for a notepad or tablet. Of course, there are also 2 water bottle compartments on the sides. We were also pleased to find plenty of storage space in the various pockets. There are, for example, 9 pockets in the main compartment and 4 storage spaces in the middle pocket.

All this space allowed us to stow our paraphernalia without difficulty, and we could even have fit more things like bibs, a breast pump, 2-3 more bottles or little jars with spoons.



Best mid-range

Béaba Genève II

Large, with 16 pockets and practical accessories, this bag is very popular because of its large capacity and long-term resistance.

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Béaba Genève II

With a capacity of 23 L, this modular bag can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. The large central pocket has 8 slots for various items, but no zippered pocket. We find this a bit of a shame, as it doesn’t allow things to be organized as well as in other models.

However, this shortcoming is countered by the presence of a pocket on the front of the bag which is removable (with 6 pockets). It includes a changing mat and can hold everything you need for changing your baby. As a result, you can take only this part of the bag with you (which is very practical when dining out, for example). There’s also a removable insulated bag that can hold a bottle, which you can store in the main pocket.

Of course, there are 2 side pockets for water bottles. As with the previous bag, a pocket for suckle and clips for attaching it to the stroller are present. All in all, all these spaces allowed us to easily store all our baby stuff, as well as a few personal items. The main pocket is so large that it can easily hold a breast pump if required.

On the other hand, we found it a shame that its fabric wasn’t water-resistant. What’s more, its handheld or shoulder format won’t appeal to everyone. Fortunately, it comes in a dozen different colors.


Alternative pas cher

Badabulle Sac à Langer Boho

Equipped with numerous pockets and accessories, this changing bag can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, and is easily attached to the stroller thanks to the fasteners provided. It’s an interesting compact format at a small price.

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Badabulle Sac à Langer Boho

This hand or strap bag features 5 storage compartments in its main inner pocket and 2 straps to hold bottles or little jars in place. All this is easy to organize thanks to the wide opening.

On the outside, there are 4 pockets. The 2 side pockets hold 50 cl water bottles. At the front, the large zippered pocket gives access to 3 new storage spaces and straps. The fourth compartment is located at the rear and is closed by a Velcro fastener that we didn’t find the most resistant. As a result, we’re not convinced it will last long if you make a habit of putting a lot of bulky or heavy things in it.

The bag also comes with an isothermal cover for a bottle or small 50 cl bottle, a zipped plastic pocket for dirty or wet laundry, a thin changing mat and 2 stroller attachments.

Concretely, our tests proved that this changing bag was enough to carry the bare minimum, but didn’t allow you to carry more. So it’s impossible to take the breast pump, 2 extra bottles, or anything to prepare them with powder… What’s more, its format isn’t really designed for going for a walk, limiting its ability to move quickly from point A to point B..


Our selection

Our choice, Best cheapBest mid-rangeAlternative pas cher
BabbleRoo Changing Backpack Béaba Genève II Badabulle Sac à Langer Boho
This changing backpack is the most practical of all those we tested, thanks to its large capacity, numerous pockets and larger-than-average changing mattress. Large, with 16 pockets and practical accessories, this bag is very popular because of its large capacity and long-term resistance. Equipped with numerous pockets and accessories, this changing bag can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, and is easily attached to the stroller thanks to the fasteners provided. It's an interesting compact format at a small price.
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How did we test?

In order to test the changing bags, we began by assessing their design (quality of seams, ease of opening and closing, possibility of attaching it to the stroller). We noted the presence of various pockets or compartments, and whether some had a zipper to isolate objects. This type of closure offers greater practicality.

Next, we inserted into the bags the essentials to take along when you’re with a baby: 1 small tetra, 1 thin changing mat, 2 diapers, 1 bottle, 1 spare top and bottom, 1 onesie, 1 small jar of food, 1 can of preservatives, wipes, 1 cream, 1 water bottle, 1 comforter and 1 pacifier. This allowed us to check whether the capacity of each changing bag was sufficient to carry the bare minimum, or whether, on the contrary, it allowed us to take more things.

We also noted the presence of accessories (changing mats, pencil cases, pacifier pouch…) and potential isothermal pocket(s). In addition, we carried the full bags to check their comfort. Finally, we splashed water on them to see if they had a cloth water-repellent.


How to choose a diaper bag

For a serene outing, it’s necessary to make sure you’re carrying everything you need to best care for baby at all times. Choosing a functional diaper bag is more than just an accessory, it’s a way of making life easier. Yet it can be difficult to know which type of model to opt for.

Changing bag

In order to enlighten you on the existing possibilities, here are several elements to consider before any purchase:

  • The type of bag: if above all you want to be hands-free when walking baby, the backpack will be the most suitable solution. It’s also a format favored by dads, as it’s less feminine. The handbags, often appreciated for their design, are even more interesting if they have a strap allowing you to wear it either on the shoulder, or as a shoulder bag, more comfortable for good freedom of movement. We also appreciate bags that can be easily attached to the stroller, using specific fasteners, to take the strain off the shoulders.

Changing bag

  • His exterior design: depending on how you want to use it, it’s important to find out about its dimensionsand its capacity, to be adapted to your needs (number of children, age, personal accessories…). Most models are designed with waterproof fabrics(easily washable), but it’s also important that the bag has a rigid bottom and a wide opening.

Changing bag

  • His interior design: the presence of several pocketscan be interesting for separating the different types of objects you put inside (for changing, for feeding, for toys, for the comforter, etc.), but also for safely slipping in your own belongings. Above all, each one needs to be easy to access, inside and out.

Changing bag

  • His accessories: in addition to various storage spaces, some models are equipped with a changing mattress, a isothermal pocket, removable or not, for storing bottles and/or meals, and possibly a waterproof pouch for dirty or wet clothes. If stroller attachmentsare also provided with purchase, that’s a plus.


Other changing bags we recommend

Lekebaby Wide Open (€41.99 at time of publication): Our inexpensive third choice. This 23 L backpack changing bag is equipped with no fewer than 11 storage spaces in its main pocket. These include a waterproof pocket for dirty or wet clothes. There’s also a clip for attaching the comforter for easy retrieval. On the front, there are 2 insulated bottle compartments, but we found them a little too small for larger bottles. At first, we were surprised that the zipper on the back of the bag gave access to the main compartment. However, we eventually realized that it offered quicker access to items stored at the bottom of the bag without us having to take everything out. Handy with a baby in our arms. What’s more, there are, of course, 2 pockets on either side of the bag for a water bottle. The bag also comes with a nomadic changing mat and a snap fastener for attachment to the stroller. Finally, we were able to fit all our essentials, without more.

Béaba Sydney II (€53.01 at time of publication): A handheld solution. Available in various shades, this handbag is less suited to mixed use (especially in this color). Its main feature is a large changing area at the front of the bag. It can be detached and attached with velcro, and can be closed at the sides to hide external stimuli from baby and reassure him. As an accessory, there’s also a small pouch for a pacifier. There’s an insulated pocket for a large feeding bottle on one side, and a pocket for a water bottle on the other. On the back, there’s a mesh pocket, a zippered pocket, a comforter hook and 2 pen slots. However, despite its large size, we found this bag a little less practical than others. In fact, its large pocket comprises just 7 compartments, only one of which has a zipper. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop it from being able to amply hold all the essentials you need to take everywhere with baby.


Other changing bags tested

Viedouce Compact Changing Bag Oxford 8 L (€27.99 at time of publication): This bag is a good back-up option for very short outings, as it has a very small capacity allowing you to carry only the bare essentials and not a single gram more. On the other hand, the isothermal pocket under the main compartment makes it impractical to use with a baby in arms.

Béaba Wellington (€52.40 at time of publication): We found this backpack a little too small to be really practical for long outings. And given its price, that’s a bit of a shame. What’s more, its fabric isn’t water-repellent.

Skip Hop Forma (€80.86 at time of publication) : Very pretty and durable, we preferred to leave this backpack out of our selection, as it seemed too small than to be really practical. For us, it’s more of a good little backpack than a proper changing bag.

Babymoov Sancy (€87.90 at time of publication):We hesitated for a long time before ruling this model out of our comparison, as the isothermal pocket on the back makes a lump when it’s full and it’s clearly not pleasant when you walk with it.


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