Vacuum cleaner with or without bag: we help you choose

Published on 16 March 2022 

After spending 38 hours comparing 55 appliances when writing our comparisons, here are our tips to help you choose between bagged and bagless canister vacuums.


The hoover with bag, ideal for allergy sufferers

  • Ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Easy to maintain
  • Often larger capacity
  • Less noisy
  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Purchase and disposal of necessary bags

The classic bagged hoover is far from being an outdated cleaning solution today. The bag, often combined with an air filtration system, allows dust and other dirt to be collected in a perfectly hygienic way. The bag is sealed once it is full to prevent contact with the dust.

Another advantage of this type of device is that it operates more discreetly, thanks to the presence of the bag, which acts as a sound insulator.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, while the power of the machines is often perfectly efficient, it can tend to be a little less effective as the bag fills up. The cost of replacement bags and their ecological impact are also criteria to be taken into account.


The bagless hoover, an economical solution

  • More constant suction
  • More economical and ecological solution
  • More frequent and time-consuming cleaning
  • Noisier

Thanks to its (multi)cyclonic technology, which separates the air from the dust and waste, usually reinforced by HEPA filters, the bagless hoover is extremely efficient and often has a constant suction quality.

Although it does not require the purchase of consumables and therefore does not generate additional waste, its maintenance is for many a little more restrictive because of the direct contact with the collected dirt. In addition, due to the often smaller capacity of the dust collector, emptying has to be done more regularly than with a bagged model – which may discourage pet owners, for example.

The operation of this type of appliance is also typically noisier. On the other hand, many people appreciate the more modern design of bagless hoovers.


In conclusion

In the end, the main difference between the bagged and bagless models is in the ease and frequency of maintenance. The two types of vacuum cleaners also differ in terms of the noise they make during operation.

While the more traditional bagged hoover requires less regular maintenance without direct contact with dust – making it ideal for allergy sufferers – and has better soundproofing, the bagless version is attractive to people who want to limit their ecological impact and post-purchase costs.

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