Upright or Canister Vacuum Cleaner: We Help You Choose

Posted on 13 April 2022

After spending 57 hours comparing 95 appliances when writing our comparisons, here are our tips to help you choose between an upright or a canister vacuum cleaner.


The upright vacuum cleaner, ideal when space is limited

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  • Easier to move (light and cordless)
  • Multifunctional
  • More compact
  • Limited autonomy
  • Smaller dust collector
  • Usually noisier
  • Higher price

The upright vacuum cleaner is becoming increasingly popular because it is both compact and cordless. This makes it easy, convenient and quick to use throughout the home, even for meticulous cleaning.

Its size also helps to store it simply in a small corner without taking up too much space. This is especially true since this type of vacuum cleaner comes with a storage station that allows you to hang it on a wall with all (or almost all) of its accessories. 

In terms of accessories, they can be very diverse and transform the vacuum cleaner into a handheld hoover, or include something to remove pet hair from various surfaces.

It usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes on normal power, but quickly decreases to about 10 minutes on Max or Turbo mode. This makes it less practical for large cleaning sessions. Its charging time also varies from 3 to 5 hours, which becomes a hindrance for homes larger than 100-150 m².

The canister vacuum cleaner, handy for a thorough cleaning

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  • Wired: unlimited autonomy
  • With or without bag
  • Quieter with a bag
  • Larger collector
  • Affordable price
  • Handling limited by the power cable
  • Collector more complex to empty
  • Larger and heavier
  • Less multifunctional

Canister vacuums have a large dust collector with or without a bag. Those with a bag are more suitable for people with allergies as there is no contact with the dust. They are also quieter, as the bag acts as a sound insulator.

Although the cord reduces the vacuum’s range of action, it allows a use without interruption. This is very practical for cleaning large areas. However, its handling is not easy (especially as it is quite heavy) and the number of accessories is often limited or non-existent. Its use is therefore limited to floors.



The main difference between these two types of vacuum cleaners is their handling, their price and their autonomy. 

As a conclusion, on one hand, we recommend upright vacuum cleaners to people with a home surface area of up to 150m² who need vacuums regularly for small tasks, such as parents with young children. On the other hand, canister vacuum cleaners are more suitable for very large areas or for people with allergies (for those with bags).

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