SSD or HDD: we help you choose

Posted on 23 March 2022 

After spending 29 hours comparing 55 hard disks in the editorial office, here are our tips for finding out which device (SSD or HDD) best suits your needs.


The SSD, ideal for performance

  • Speed
  • Compactness
  • Robustness
  • Price per GB
  • Limited lifetime

The SSD offers a much higher operating speed than the HDD, as it can exceed 3 GB/s. It is therefore ideal for ensuring smooth operation of your device, both for running your operating system and for gaming. Note, however, that the higher the performance, the higher the price.

However, this type of disk is based on semiconductors (fixed parts), which will tend to deteriorate with use until they reach their lifespan (expressed in write cycles).

Even so, the absence of moving parts is not without its advantages: this makes the SSD the ideal disk for laptops thanks to its reduced sensitivity to shocks and therefore to regular movement. Its compact form factor reinforces this use, especially for M.2 (NVMe) drives.


The HDD, practical for pure storage

  • Economic
  • Durable
  • Limited flows
  • Transport-sensitive

The HDD is the “oldest” type of hard disk in use today. It is based on a magnetic disk on which the various data are written.

Since this formula is already somewhat outdated, it is the most economical. Moreover, this system uses very few printed circuits, which means less wear and tear and therefore a theoretically infinite lifetime.

On the other hand, HDDs remain less efficient than SSDs with maximum speeds limited to 550 MB/s. They are therefore favourable for pure storage, but remain less interesting for launching/starting applications or programs.

Moreover, the use of removable parts implies a number of shortcomings, such as their sensitivity to shocks and a certain risk of degradation during the transport of a device equipped with this type of disk.


In conclusion

In short, it all depends on performance, but also on resistance to shocks and the passage of time. Format and price are also factors that can influence your choice.

Choose the SSD for launching programs or applications or even for storing your operating system. It is also the most reliable solution for laptop PCs thanks to its greater robustness. The HDD is more suited to pure storage thanks to its low price and long lifespan.

In our opinion, the ideal solution is to combine the two types of disks in your installation in order to dedicate each of them to its use.

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