Plancha or Barbecue: we help you choose

Posted on 5 April 2022 

After spending 33 hours comparing 80 different appliances, here are our tips for choosing between a griddle or a barbecue.


The plancha, practical in all seasons


  • Can cook without adding fat
  • Easy to use in all seasons
  • Fast heating
  • Compact size
  • Often a smaller surface area
  • No smoky taste

The plancha is a user-friendly appliance for cooking or searing food very quickly. The appliances can be gas or electrically powered. They can be made of different materials (steel, cast iron, stainless steel) and some are dishwasher safe.

What makes it so interesting is that it can be used indoors and therefore in all seasons. The most practical ones come with a juice collector, tongs, a scraper or a grease guard.

The top-of-the-range models even have two distinct parts that allow you to cook or grill food independently.


The barbecue, ideal for outdoor use


  • User-friendly
  • Generally larger surface area
  • Can give a smoky taste
  • Less practical in bad weather
  • Less convenient in bad weather
  • More cumbersome to clean
  • More expensive

The barbecue is a very user-friendly appliance and ideal for sunny days. Whether charcoal, gas or electric, they are the king of the summer for cooking all kinds of meats, vegetables, side dishes and much more. Some even allow you to smoke your food.

On the other hand, they take longer to assemble and their size is quite imposing. However, the latter is ideal if you want to cook for many people. Even so, there are models of different sizes, so choose according to the number of guests.

Finally, note that some gas models offer a wider range of functions, such as the ability to simmer.


In conclusion

Both user-friendly, the plancha and the barbecue differ in price, but also in the place of use and the cooking surface.

The plancha is ideal for those who want to enjoy it all year round without breaking the bank. As for the barbecue, it is recommended for people who want to enjoy their outdoors (even in larger groups).

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