Foam or Spring Mattresses: we help you choose

Posted on 21 March 2022 

After spending 25 hours comparing 36 products when writing our comparisons, here are our tips to help you choose between memory foam and spring mattresses.


The memory foam mattress, ideal for relieving stress zones

Matelas en mousse

  • Ideal for all profiles
  • Good sleeping independence
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Sensitive to humidity and ambient temperature
  • Less good heat regulation

Although there are models made of polyether foam, which are less and less common due to their lower quality, and polyurethane, which are appreciated for their low price, the most popular solution today is undoubtedly visco-elastic or memory foam, which adapts perfectly to the sleeper’s morphology thanks to the warmth it releases.

This type of mattress is generally suitable for all profiles, regardless of the sleeping position adopted in bed, and is ideal for soothing and relieving tension. It is therefore particularly recommended for back and neck pain. In addition, it provides a good level of independence, so that you are not disturbed by your partner’s movements.

On the other hand, memory foam is notably more sensitive to the ambient temperature, which can interfere with its level of firmness, and ensures less good heat management.


The spring mattress, a comfortable and reliable solution

Matelas à ressorts

  • Good ventilation and heat regulation
  • Ideal for heavier people
  • Good sleeping independence with pocket springs
  • Solid and reliable over the long term
  • Ideally combined with a sprung base

The traditional solution par excellence, the innerspring mattress is still highly valued for its elasticity, strength and long-term reliability. Of the different types of springs available, pocket springs are the most popular: individually wrapped in a fabric bag, they are strong and discreet.

While it is equally important to ensure that the foam used to enclose the springs is also of high quality, it is essential to remember that the higher the number of springs, the more comfortable the mattress.

As opposed to foam mattresses, these mattresses provide very good ventilation and regulation of heat and humidity. This makes them ideal for people who tend to sweat at night or who live in hot and/or humid areas.


In conclusion

The choice of a mattress is of course very subjective in terms of comfort, but foam and spring mattresses are distinguished above all by their more enveloping nature in the case of the first one, and their excellent temperature and humidity management in the case of the second one.

Therefore, we believe that a memory foam mattress is ideal for sleepers of all profiles who are looking for a model that can comfortably adjust to their body shape, provided they do not tend to sweat too much. On the opposite, the pocket spring mattress offers good ventilation, stability and strength. It is also a good choice for heavier people.

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