Foam or Latex Mattress: We Help You Choose

Posted on 11 April 2022 

After spending 34 hours comparing 63 models by writing our comparisons, here are our tips to help you choose between foam and latex mattresses.


The foam mattress, sufficient for an occasional use


  • The cheapest
  • Flexible
  • Light
  • Limited life span
  • Low support
  • Poor ventilation

When we talk about foam mattresses, we usually mean polyurethane foam. These mattresses are quite popular because they are the cheapest on the market. Considered as entry level models, their life span is rather limited.

PU foam is light and flexible, which makes it comfortable at first sight, but ultimately has the disadvantage that it offers little support. It is therefore not suitable for people with a large body, back problems or people who sleep on their stomach. For them, it is better to use a memory foam mattress, however more expensive.

Moreover, the ventilation of this type of mattress is not very good. They are therefore not recommended for people who sweat a lot. People with allergies are also likely to get very sensitive, as the humidity and dust are conducive to the development of dust mites.


The latex mattress, a better long-term investment

Matelas latex

  • Long life span
  • Comfortable
  • Great support
  • Independence in sleep
  • Heat and humidity regulator
  • More expensive
  • Heavy

Latex mattresses can be of synthetic or natural (hevea) origin. The latter should be preferred (with a minimum of 85% latex). Although more expensive and heavier, these mattresses are known for their longevity and comfort.

Their elasticity follows the shape of the body, while their density offers a great support. Thanks to their good sleeping independence, they are therefore suitable for almost all types of sleepers, but also for those who sleep together in the same bed.

Lastly, latex mattresses are very good at regulating heat and humidity. Thanks to their good ventilation, they are suitable for people who sweat at night, as well as for allergy sufferers.


En conclusion

Foam and latex mattresses differ on many points: price, durability, support and ventilation.

For this reason, we only recommend a foam mattress for occasional use (in a guest room, for example) or for young children who will only use it for a few years. The latex mattress is still a better investment for daily use, in terms of comfort, density and moisture regulation.

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