Exercise Bike or Elliptical: we help you to choose

Updated on 8 May 2023

After hours of comparison and analysis, here are our tips for choosing the product that best suits your needs.


The exercise bike, ideal for the articulations

  • Small format
  • Gentle on the articulations
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Exercises less the upper body

Exercise bikes are good for your heart and blood circulation, as well as improving your cardio and endurance. Unlike running, it does not attack the articulations, as it eliminates the pressure exerted on them with each step. This is one of the reasons why it is widely used for rehabilitation and by the elderly.

This machine mainly works the lower extremities of the body, mainly thighs, calves and buttocks. The movements performed are comparable to those of a cyclist. In 30 minutes of activity, you can burn between 200-400 Kcal (depending on the intensity).

Their big advantage compared to elliptical trainers is their size. Being smaller, they are ideal for flats or training at home.


The elliptical trainer, for a more complete workout

  • Activates more muscles
  • Significant calorie loss
  • Backpedalling
  • Slightly more aggressive on the articulations

Just like the exercise bike, the elliptical trainer has a favourable effect on the cardiovascular system. It is not harmful to the joints, but compared to its competitor, it only reduces the pressure exerted rather than suppressing it.

However, the physical work is not limited to the legs, as it will make you move 80% of your muscles.

Although the buttocks, thighs and calves are the ones that are exercised the most, it also allows the dorsal, abdominals, arms, shoulders and pectorals to be developed in medium doses.

In short, it combines the movements of running, Nordic walking and cross-country skiing. Back pedalling, on the other hand, is a not inconsiderable advantage rarely offered by the exercise bike. In 30 minutes of training, you will lose between 250-450 kcal, slightly more than on a stationary bike.


In conclusion

The main difference between an exercise bike and an elliptical trainer is the pedalling action, as one activates a greater number of muscles and the other is less aggressive on the joints.

Although the exercise bike allows a more focused workout and is more accessible for beginners, it should be complemented by other physical activities. As for the elliptical trainer, it is particularly recommended for weight loss but should be used with more care.


Translated by Ramsés El Hajje

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