Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette: We Help You Choose

Published on 2 March 2022 

After spending 26 hours comparing 50 of the most popular fragrances for this article, we have managed to determine which type of fragrance (eau de toilette or parfum) best suits your needs.


Eau de parfum, for the ultimate in hold and intensity

  • More intense fragrance
  • 5-8 hour hold
  • Ideal for outings
  • Price tends to be higher

The eau de parfum is characterised by a concentration of approximately 12-20% of aromatic essences, which gives it more depth and intensity. Its notes are persistent and its character is powerful.

Thus, you can enjoy a good hold throughout the day or night. Because of its more intense profile, it is considered ideal for wearing on special occasions and outings, but it is also suitable for everyday wear, especially for those who want to highlight their perfume.

Due to its higher concentration, its price tends to be higher as well, but it is also more popular in the female sector.


Eau de toilette, a light and subtle option

  • Subtle, lighter fragrance
  • Ideal for summer or everyday use
  • 3-4 hour hold
  • Ephemeral intensity of aroma

With a concentration of around 7-12%, the eau de toilette is lighter, fresher and more discreet. More ephemeral, it lasts a few hours on the skin but generally needs to be reapplied during the day to continue to diffuse its notes.

It is therefore a solution that is particularly appealing during the warmer months, but also for younger profiles discovering the world of perfumes. Moreover, it is often the favourite formula for men.


In conclusion

In other words, the main difference between these two types of perfume lies in their concentration in aromatic essences, which influences the duration of the scent on the skin and the intensity of the fragrance, but also the price of the bottle. The best thing about it? Well, many fragrances are available as both eau de parfum and eau de toilette.

In short, the eau de Parfum is particularly suitable for those who want to highlight the scent and leave a perceptible scented veil, as well as enjoy an intense hold that lasts almost all day. The eau de toilette is more subtle, perfect for a discreet fragrance or for the summer months.


The best perfumes for women of the moment

Our choice, Best cheapBest mid-rangeBest of high-endHigh-end alternative
Escape Fitness Deck 2.0Escape Fitness Deck 2.0Escape Fitness Deck 2.0Escape Fitness Deck 2.0
LoveMe, TOUS
(90 ml)
Libre, Yves Saint Laurent
(90 ml)
Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel
(100 ml)
Idôle, Lancôme
(50 ml)
This fragrance features subtle and feminine fruity floral accords. The final woody accords are a perfect match.This atypical perfume with subtle floral notes is ideal for spring and summer evenings and will give you a touch of originality and sensuality!From the legendary brand Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle has light, fruity notes. It is fresh and will leave a wave of elegance and style in its wake.This floral fragrance will seduce the modern and daring woman of all ages. Its fresh, delicate and sensual notes are ideal on sunny days.
56,00 € El Corte Inglés
49,85 € PerfumesClub
74,20 € El Corte Inglés
74,95 € PerfumesClub
113,70 € El Corte Inglés
133,95 € PerfumesClub
63,05 € El Corte Inglés
54,95 € PerfumesClub


The best perfumes for men of the moment

Our choice, Best cheapBest mid-rangeBest of high-endLow-cost alternativeHigh-end alternative
Seb Actifry FZ710800Cosori 817915025574Proscenic T21Proscenic T21Cosori 817915025574
Acqua Di Giò
(200 ml)
Allure Homme Chanel
(100 ml)
Fahrenheit, Dior
(50 ml)
Calvin Klein Everyone
(100 ml)
Dior Homme
(100 ml)
With a long-lasting trail, this iconic scent is ideal for everyday wear. The blend of citrus, light floral and woody scents will make you appreciate its freshness and delicacy.A timeless fragrance that inspires freedom and masculinity. With a timeless character, woody and spicy notes, it is perfect for use in any season of the year.Here is a fragrance with character that perfectly combines masculinity and subtlety. Its scent is intense, but with contrasts between strength, refinement and sensuality.This eau de toilette for men and women is particularly appealing to men with its fresh, iodised and woody notes. With a fresh and pleasant scent, it expresses the freedom and provocation of the modern man.This fragrance belongs to the floral woody family. It reveals a fresh, intense and daring scent. Its trail brings masculinity and an enigmatic tone, very sensual and elegant.
79,95 € El Corte Inglés
65,95 € en PerfumesClub
81,15 € El Corte Inglés
86,95 € en PerfumesClub
71,25 € El Corte Inglés
57,95 € en PerfumesClub
32,50 € El Corte Inglés
Price search in progress... please wait
72,00 € El Corte Inglés
90,96 € en PerfumesClub

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