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Posted on 24 June 2022

After 8 hours of research and comparison of 33 skipping ropes, 7 of which were tested, we have concluded that the AmazonBasics Standard is currently the best solution in terms of price-quality ratio.

This comparison is certified 100% impartial and follows our selection process.

Our choice, Best budget

AmazonBasics Standard

Very popular on the market, this rope stands out not only for its affordable price, but also for its good overall quality and the comfort and fluidity provided by its handles.

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AmazonBasics Standard

This AmazonBasics model measures 280 cm, but the length can be adjusted by simply cutting the rope. The first feeling we had when we picked it up was how comfortable the handles were. They are made of PVC and NBR foam. As a result, they do not slip and offer a good grip. However, they tend to retain sweat and can therefore take a long time to dry with sweaty hands. During our sessions, the rope never got tangled up thanks to the ball bearing of the handles. We did notice that the plastic rope tended to get damaged more quickly on asphalt, so we recommend it more for a recreational and an indoor use.



Best high-end

Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie

Its mobile app is a real asset to track your data and get a full report of your workouts. It is suitable for taller users and runs on a rechargeable battery.

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This skipping rope is over 3m long and can be adjusted without necessarily being cut. Thanks to its Bluetooth connection, it can be paired with its mobile application. The app shows the number of jumps, calories lost, duration of effort, your goals, but also gives you a history of your data, a ranking and even interval sessions. It comes with a battery that lasts about 6 months and a carrying case. Despite this, its price-quality ratio is lower.


Our selection

Our choice, Best budgetBest high-end
AmazonBasics StandardTangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie
AmazonBasics StandardTangram Smart Rookie
Very popular on the market, this rope stands out not only for its affordable price, but also for its good overall quality and the comfort and fluidity provided by its handles.Its mobile app is a real asset to track your data and get a full report of your workouts. It is suitable for taller users and runs on a rechargeable battery.
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Honorable mentions

Venum Challenger (£15.00 upon publication): good rotations and a design without much reproach. It is 275 cm long but the length can be adjusted. During our test, we were particularly impressed by the grip of the handles. They never slipped from our hands. No matter how fast we jumped, the vinyl rope did not tangle and its movements were smooth thanks to the ball bearing. We recommend it for indoor use as we found a few scratches after a session on the tarmac. Unfortunately, it is shorter and less ergonomic than the models in our selection.


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How to choose your skipping rope?

Used for leisure or for cardio training, the skipping rope is an effective and fun sport. But among the many models available, it is sometimes difficult to make an appropriate choice:

Corde à sauter
Used for leisure or for cardio training for athletes, the skipping rope is effective and fun. | Source: Selectos
  • Size of the rope: generally, the length is adjustable. If you are tall, you should choose a 3m model. However, some ropes cannot be adjusted and in this case the length should be taken into account so that the rope is neither too short nor too long. To find the ideal size, put your foot in the middle of the rope and raise the handles: they should be at shoulder level. There are also cordless models: they can be useful for those who are less skilled or who train in a small space.
Corde à sauter
The length of a skipping rope is often adjustable. The adjustment mechanism varies. | Source: Selectos
  • Materials: plastic, cotton or nylon ropes (about 8 mm in diameter) are less durable and tend to curl. They are used more indoors, for leisure or beginners. For a more intensive outdoor use, choose leather, vinyl or steel ropes, which are more resistant. Leather or vinyl ropes (between 4 and 6 mm) have a good spinning speed, but are still susceptible to wear. Steel is currently the strongest and most efficient option in terms of performance.
Corde à sauter
Plastic ropes do not last as long and they curl up. They are more used indoors. | Source: Selectos
  • Handles: some handles include ball bearings to ensure durability and to maximise fluidity, preventing the rope from tangling. Plastic handles are cheaper, but can be slippery with sweat. Aluminum handles offer a better grip, but are heavier. Lastly, foam handles provide a more comfortable grip, but in our tests we noticed that they tend to retain sweat longer. In any case, they should be sized to fit your hands. The weighted handles allow you to add weight inside for more intensive sessions.
Corde à sauter
Foam handles provide a comfortable grip, but retain more sweat. | Source: Selectos
  • Options: there are cords that include a small screen that shows you the laps you have done as well as the calories burned and the time you have been active. There are others that even have a Bluetooth connection in order to link to a mobile app.
Corde à sauter
Sometimes there is a small screen showing information about your session. | Source: Selectos


How did we test?

We used each skipping rope on several types of floor (gyms, asphalt, tiles, etc.) to assess their durability. For comfort, we put them in the hands of several users to check their grip with small and large hands, dry hands or sweaty hands.

Then we checked the practicality of the adjustment systems and options by comparing the data. For the models with a counter or an application, we evaluated the handling, ergonomics and the accuracy of the repeat count.


Other skipping ropes we tested

Morpilot Vitesse (£9.99 upon publication): a practical connected rope, but currently unavailable on retail websites. Easy to set up with the included material, this rope is more destined for an indoor use. The application is practical and simple: it has several modes and records data (time, calories, heart rate, etc.) from your activities. The jump count is reliable. However, although it is thin, light and suitable for all hand sizes, its handles are a bit cheap and can slip with sweat. In addition, the rope can get tangled, although it remains fairly fluid in the rotations.


Translated by Aylin Akturk

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