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Updated on 15 May 2023

After spending 8 hours comparing 46 multicookers and testing 9 of them, we recommend the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus for its excellent value for money.

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Our choice, Best mid-range

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

This model with handles currently offers the best price-quality ratio. It has a number of useful and efficient cooking modes, as well as a large, clearly legible display.

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Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

This Instant Pot has a useful 5 L tank that can easily cook for six people. It offers pressure cooking, simmering, sautéing, steaming, yoghurt, rice, and sous vide. During our tests, its 1200 W power allowed us to cook all the dishes efficiently. Indeed, the rice was cooked in less than 30 minutes (with 16 minutes of preheating). On the other hand, it is sometimes necessary to add a significant amount of preheating time to the cooking time before starting to cook. For example, it took 14 minutes for the multicooker to reach the right temperature before pressure cooking. We were a little disappointed with the steaming which was slower than a real steamer, but it did manage to cook potatoes (cut in half) after 35 minutes. We also found some of the programmes a little too long, such as the soup programme which is 30 minutes long. However, we have to admit that the presence of handles on the bowl is a real asset in everyday use compared to its competitors. We only regret the absence of a steam basket and the fact that the grid is so complex to set up.



Best budget

Moulinex MK705111

Despite its low price, this multicooker has interesting everyday functions and is easy to maintain as it is dishwasher-safe. It is ideal for budding cooks.

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Moulinex MK705111

This useful 5 L multi-cooker comes with various accessories: a spatula, ladle, measuring cup and steam basket. It has 12 automatic programs, the duration of which you can set (from 1 to 99 minutes), such as rice, soup, wok or baby food. We like the fact that the keep warm function is activated directly after cooking and that it is at the right temperature (to avoid burning your dishes). However, this appliance does not have pressure cooking, and its 750 W power is a little too low for some oven preparations and simmering at high temperatures. In our tests, it took us longer to cook gnocchi in the wok/sauté mode. However, it was very effective for cooking soup, rice and mushrooms. In terms of ergonomics, we criticise the lack of handles and the length of the cord, which can be a little short if you don’t have a room near an outlet on your worktop.


Best high-end

Moulinex Cookeo+

Easy and instinctive to use, this model has the advantage of offering a wide variety of recipes directly included in the device, that allow you to make them either automatically or in manual mode.

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Moulinex Cookeo Plus

This Cookeo has a colour display with four menus for direct access to pre-recorded recipes, manual mode, favourites and ingredients. When we put it to the test, we liked the fact that it required almost no supervision. The 1200 W output was effective for all our dishes (meat or vegetables) and the fact that it has a steam basket and handles on the bowl is also a good thing. However, it does not have a manual steaming mode, although this is mentioned on the technical sheet. In any case, we would only recommend it to large families (4 litres usable) and/or experienced cooks, rather than single beginners, as the preheating time is not specified. This means that you will need to add 10 to 15 minutes to the cooking time. In addition, some of the steps in the recipes are sometimes omitted (e.g. at the end of cooking, some food remains on the hands), which makes it unsuitable for beginners.


Our selection

Our choice, Best mid-rangeBest budgetBest high-end
Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus Moulinex MK705111 Moulinex Cookeo+
This model with handles currently offers the best price-quality ratio. It has a number of useful and efficient cooking modes, as well as a large, clearly legible display. Despite its low price, this multicooker has interesting everyday functions and is easy to maintain as it is dishwasher-safe. It is ideal for budding cooks. Easy and instinctive to use, this model has the advantage of offering a wide variety of recipes directly included in the device, that allow you to make them either automatically or in manual mode.
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How did we do the testing?

To test the multi-cookers, we looked at their design (dimensions, weight, useful volume, handles on the bowl, legibility of the screen, presence of accessories, etc.). Then we assessed their ergonomics (clear and instinctive icons, responsive buttons, lids and accessories easy to place, presence of labels with programmes in French when they are in another basic language…).

We then moved on to food preparation, trying out different cooking modes on each model (where available): steaming, rice cooking, simmering, browning/stir-frying, wok/sautéing, pressure cooking and air frying. We also checked that the keep warm function was activated at the end of the cooking process. Finally, we cleaned them to assess the ease of cleaning.


How to choose your multicooker?

Often mistaken with the pressure cooker and the food processor (which mixes, blends and stirs the contents), the multicooker is an appliance used to cook dishes in different ways without affecting their consistency.


As the market is not always very clear when it comes to differentiating between them, it can be difficult to make a choice. To help you, here are a few things to pay particular attention to:

  • The capacity of the bowl: generally varies from 3 to 6 litres. Your choice should be made according to your needs: the number of people to be fed, but also the type of preparation you wish to make. Four litres is usually enough for five to six people, but it is not enough to prepare simmered dishes with lots of sauce.
  • Material quality: in addition to the materials used in the bowl (preferably stainless steel with a non-stick coating), it is important to consider the overall quality of your future multicooker to keep it for as long as possible. To get an idea of this, a quick look at the user reviews is often very revealing and also informs you of the quality of the brand’s after-sales service.
  • Cooking modes: multicookers can steam, pressure cook, stir fry, simmer and even brown your food. The best thing to do is to opt for an appliance with different cooking levels for each of these modes to meet all your culinary needs. Note also that the most advanced ones are capable of doing everything (or almost everything) automatically thanks to their built-in recipes.

Moulinex Cookeo Plus

  • Programmes: keep warm, delayed start and reheat functions are the main programmes to look out for. Moreover, some appliances have an overheating alarm to warn you if they need a break or if they run out of water.
  • Ergonomics: As well as handles that make it easier to hold, the weight of the appliance should be taken into account if you are going to be moving it around a lot. It should also fit under the extractor hood to avoid turning your kitchen into a sauna. The cord should also be long enough to fit easily into one of your sockets.
  • Controls: Whether there are only buttons or a screen, the controls should be identifiable and adjustable. If you choose a model with a touchscreen, it should be responsive and easy to read.
  • Power: it is often between 1200 and 1800 W. Some very inexpensive models can be as low as 750 W. The main impact will be on the cooking time, as the appliance will take much longer to heat up.

Moulinex Cookeo Plus

  • Cleaning: since it can be used to prepare all kinds of dishes, it is important to know whether it is easy to clean (and dishwasher-safe) or not, otherwise you may be discouraged and not use it after all.
  • Connectivity: some models are connected via Bluetooth or WiFi. This gives you access to a multitude of additional recipes, but also the ability to add your own, find a recipe from ingredients in your fridge and much more. It is especially handy if you can connect it to an app on your phone.
  • Accessories: the steaming basket is the most important accessory to look out for. For it to be practical, you need to check its size to get an idea of what it can hold (and whether it is compatible with your dishes and ramekins). In addition, a ladle, a measuring cup or a spatula may be included.


Other models we recommend

Instant Pot Duo Crisp & Air Fryer (£160.00 upon publication): a model capable of frying. This multicooker offers a number of cooking modes: pressure, sauté, steam, slow, classic, vacuum, roast, fry, grill and dehydrate. It comes with two different lids and a frying basket so that it can do the job properly. However, its classic bowl does not have a handle.

Ninja Foodi MAX OP500EU (£261.46 upon publication): a capacity of 7.5 L. This model can also fry various foods in addition to the more classic functions (pressure, steam, sautéing, etc.) thanks to its two lids. With its 1760 W of power, it was one of the most efficient. In particular, it steamed potatoes in 20 minutes, which is just as good as simple steamers. This power also impressed us when using the browning/sautéing function, which heated up quickly and was perfect for toasting pumpkin seeds, and cooking gnocchi or mushrooms. The Airfryer cooking function is also good, as our sweet potato fries were even a little overcooked after 20 minutes. Finally, as with all the other models tested, the keep-warm function was activated at the end of each cooking session.

Moulinex Cookeo Touch Wifi (£399.00 upon publication): a connected model, but significantly more expensive. Its wifi connection is practical and fast. It gives you access to many automatic recipes, but you can also cook manually with steam, pressure, simmering and browning at various power levels. On the other hand, preheating takes a long time, and the tank (4 litres) is quite heavy. Nevertheless, during our tests, we appreciated the fact that the pot has handles and that they stay cold. The various cooking processes are practical, but we found that they were sometimes a little underpowered, forcing us to delay. And when cooking under pressure, you should not hesitate to add a little more water than the recipe calls for, at the risk of getting a message asking you to add more water and losing precious time.


Other models tested

Russell Hobbs 21850-56 (£132.43 upon publication): this model is rather inconvenient, as it is not possible to adjust the minimum cooking time. So we had to cook a soup in 1 hour and steam for at least 30 minutes (unless you stand next to it to stop it, but then the appliance loses all interest).

Yum Asia Sakura YUM-EN15 (£139.99 upon publication): This multi-cooker is particularly interesting for preparing rice (several dedicated programmes). However, we do not recommend it if you are looking for a practical model for steaming, as its small plastic basket deforms quickly.

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