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Updated on 7 February 2023

After 15 hours of research among 23 milk frothers available on the market and testing 8 of them, we consider that the SimpleTaste ‎706-0001 offers the best value for money.

This comparison is certified 100% impartial and follows our selection process.

Our choice, Best budget

SimpleTaste ‎706-0001

With its ease of use and speed, this plunging whisk offers the best value for money in this selection. Very simple, it does not include any additional functionalities, but it does have a very practical stand.

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SimpleTaste ‎706-0001

Sold at a very affordable price, this model is simple in both design and operation. It is ideal for creating milk froth quickly and easily for coffee or any other hot or cold drink. It has a stainless whisk and a lightweight plastic handle for comfortable use. During our tests, we liked the button that only needs to be pressed once to turn it on or off (unlike other models of this type that need to be held down). In about ten seconds, you get a nice little froth, whether it is cow’s milk or almond milk (30 seconds for almond milk). It can also be used to prepare sauces, egg preparations and other mixtures, whether hot or cold. And despite its low price, it has a practical storage stand.



Best high-end

Philips Senseo CA6500

Available in different colours, this milk frother has a nice design and is a little lighter than other models. It is easy to use and can be used to make hot or cold froth.

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Philips Senseo Milk Twister CA6500

With its 500 W of power, this model was a little less efficient during our tests than the Arendo mentioned above. It created a nice milk froth (normal or almond) but it was less dense and more liquid. However, it took 2 minutes for both devices (with an automatic shut-off). But although the lack of a handle may bother some people, we found that it made cleaning easier (which has to be done manually). We appreciated its lighter weight (582 g) and the presence of an LED that turns red if you heat the milk (around 52°C) or blue if you keep it cold. To conclude, although it is good overall, we think that its performance/price ratio is a little less interesting than Arendo’s for a slightly higher capacity (120 ml).


Our selection

Our choice, Best budgetBest high-end
SimpleTaste ‎706-0001 Philips Senseo CA6500
With its ease of use and speed, this plunging whisk offers the best value for money in this selection. Very simple, it does not include any additional functionalities, but it does have a very practical stand. Available in different colours, this milk frother has a nice design and is a little lighter than other models. It is easy to use and can be used to make hot or cold froth.
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How did we do the testing?

To test the milk frothers, we first took the time to look at their design (quality and materials) and their ergonomics (ease of use, length of the plunging models, clarity of the buttons…). We also checked the presence of accessories.

Then, we used each of the models with cow’s milk and almond milk to judge the quality of the froth (light, dense or liquid…). We set aside the soya milk as it did not have enough protein to produce a good froth (3 g of protein/100 ml minimum). We frothed the kinds of milk hot and cold when possible. We also checked that it did not overflow from the container by putting the maximum allowed quantity. Finally, we evaluated the ease of cleaning of each of the models.


How to choose your milk frother? 

A milk frother is very useful if you like cappuccino, latte macchiato or hot chocolate with cream. To help you make your choice, we have listed the criteria to consider before buying your device:

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  • The brand: although you can easily find milk frothers of lesser-known brands, which are generally cheaper,  you must pay attention to the quality of the products. When it comes to coffee, certain brands are references: this is the case for Bialetti, Melitta, LavAzza, Severin or Philips. However, guarantees can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another.

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  • Capacity: not all frothers have the same capacity, although many are quite comparable. For making one to three cups a day, entry-level and mid-range models that generally produce about 120 ml of froth may be sufficient. If you want to make more cups, a model that makes up to 350 ml of froth or 700 ml of hot milk (or more, depending on your needs) will be more appropriate.

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  • Cleaning: most models have a non-stick interior coating to prevent stubborn milk stains. However, the ease of cleaning varies according to the arrangement and mobility of the pieces. If you buy a two-piece model with a steel container that is separated from the rest, chances are it will be dishwasher safe.

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  • The type of milk frother: among the electric models, there is a distinction between the most basic frothers that look like a beater and those that come with a container (in which the milk is heated or turned into froth). Most entry-level milk frothers belong to the first category and work very well. However, the higher end models offer more elaborate functionalities for frothing milk or simply mixing it to heat it up, which is quite nice and practical for everyday use.

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  • The little extras: preferably choose a frother with a spout and removable parts. These are small details, but they can significantly improve the smoothness of your froth, the ease of cleaning or the pouring of your liquid. An automatic shut-off feature and a multi-level adjustable temperature can also be very useful.

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And for more choices regarding coffee extraction methods, do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to filter coffee machines.


Other milk frothers we recommend

Severin SM 3590 (£7.86 when published): A little less effective, but very accessible. This model had a good grip. When we used it, we found the location of its button at the level of the index finger to be quite convenient, especially as you have to hold it down. However, it was a little less efficient than the SimpleTaste in the main selection, as it took about two to three times longer to achieve a similar result (over 40 seconds). Nevertheless, it remains a good option for making milk froths (cow’s milk or almond milk) at a low price.

Bodum Latteo (£23.10 when published): A manual model. With this frother, air is injected into the milk to create froth by repeatedly lifting and pushing the plunger. Although the process works with cow’s milk (even if it is not milky) in 30 to 40 seconds, the result is still quite light and very liquid. During our tests, we did not achieve a similar result with almond milk. This is why we do not recommend it to vegans, who will not be able to obtain a good froth. However, it is easier to clean as it is dishwasher safe.

Nespresso Aeroccino 4 (£101.99 when published): 4 different functionalities. This very high-end model is capable of making cold froth, heating the milk and making two types of hot froth (light or denser). During our tests, we did notice the difference between the two possibilities. The frother stopped automatically after 1 to 1.25 minutes depending on the type of froth. However, we left it out of our main selection because of its higher price and the fact that it had a tendency to heat up (but not burn). In other words, it is a more sophisticated model that is only interesting for coffee lovers in various formats.


Other milk frothers we tested 

PowerLix (£11.99 when published): Although correct in terms of its performance, its poorer ergonomics led us to eliminate this model from our selection. Shorter and less practical to use, its button to hold down is placed at the top. Too bad…

Melitta Cremio II (£80.93 when published): For this price level, we expected a high performance model, but it was not. Less efficient than some much cheaper models, it only managed to produce froths that were still very liquid and not dense at all.



Translated by Laura Wautier

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