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Updated on 5 June 2023

After 3 hours of research, a comparison of 46 kitchen scissors and our tests of 8 of them, we believe the KitchenCraft Multipurpose offer the best value for money at the moment.

This comparison is certified 100% impartial and follows our selection process.

Our choice, Best budget

KitchenCraft Multipurpose

These multi-purpose scissors offer a very attractive price/performance ratio. In addition, the asymmetrical handles are pleasant to use and have a bottle opener at the base.

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Although these kitchen scissors have full plastic handles without rubber reinforcements, we found them comfortable to use thanks to their asymmetrical handles. Their weight of just 75g (the lightest) also contributes to this comfort. We measured their stainless steel blades at 8 cm, just like the previous model, making them ideal for all types of kitchen use. During our tests, we found that these scissors were effective at cutting straight lines on a wide range of materials (fabric, paper, greaseproof paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.). We also found that they were sharp enough to cut aromatic herbs such as thyme, rosemary and lemon balm, even on tough branches straight from the garden. As a little extra, there is a bottle opener between the handles, which can also be used to crack nuts. Finally, they are suitable for left-handers.



Best mid-range

Arcos Series Ecopro

It is not only the most efficient model in the selection but also the only one made entirely of stainless steel. Its 10.5 cm blades cut through any material like butter.

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Arcos Séries Ecopro ‎809700

These stainless steel scissors exude toughness. They were the most effective in our tests. The razor-sharp 10.5 cm blades allowed us to cut everything without using force. The cuts were clean and precise, whatever the material: fabric, hard plastic, soft plastic, paper, cardboard… Even cutting aromatic herbs (thyme, lemon balm, rosemary) was a breeze. However, we did not find it the most comfortable to hold. Its symmetrical stainless steel handles do not offer the best position for the fingers. And its weight of 161g doesn’t help either. We also thought it was a shame that the brand did not mention whether it was machine washable or not. In principle, the material is dishwasher safe, but some brands advise against it to preserve it for longer. When in doubt, hand washing is recommended. Finally, left-handers also found them very effective, although the grip was not the most comfortable.


Our selection

Our choice, Best budgetBest mid-range
KitchenCraft Multipurpose Arcos Series Ecopro
These multi-purpose scissors offer a very attractive price/performance ratio. In addition, the asymmetrical handles are pleasant to use and have a bottle opener at the base. It is not only the most efficient model in the selection but also the only one made entirely of stainless steel. Its 10.5 cm blades cut through any material like butter.
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How did we do the test?

To test the scissors, we used each one on different types of material to see how well they cut: paper, cardboard, baking paper, hard plastic, thin plastic, herbs (thyme, rosemary, lemon balm) and fabric. This allowed us to assess the quality of their cuts.

We also looked at the ergonomics of the handle, the type of handle (symmetrical or asymmetrical, rubber inside…), the weight and the length of the blades. We asked both right– and left-handed testers to give us a more detailed opinion on the comfort of use. We also looked at whether the blades were easy to take apart and reassemble. Finally, we checked which ones were machine washable.

NameCutting quality: paper, board, plasticCutting quality: aromatic herbsCutting quality: fabricGripWeightFor left-handers
KitchenCraft Multi-use4/54/54/54/575 gOK
Amazon Basics Premium4/54/54/54/5102 gOK, although it is a bit uncomfortable on the fingers.
Westmark 117522802/55/51/53/5153 gOK
Arcos Series Ecopro5/54/54/53/5161 gOK, although they are not the most comfortable
WMF Touch ‎18.7920.51004/54/54/54/5103 gOK, and very well


How to choose kitchen scissors?

Kitchen scissors are one of those indispensable kitchen utensils, but it is important to choose them carefully if you want to keep them for a long time. Here are some criteria to consider before buying:

Ciseaux de cuisine

  • The material: if possible, opt for stainless steel for the blades, as it stands the test of time better and is more effective when sharpened. It is also generally dishwasher safe.
  • The blades: serrated blades slip less on food. As for the length of the blades, it depends above all on the use you are going to make of them.

Ciseaux de cuisine

  • Handles: not only should you check that they are comfortable, but also that they fit your hand (right or left-handed). You should also consider whether they are symmetrical or asymmetrical. Finally, we recommend choosing a model with some kind of inner padding or rubber to improve the comfort of use.

Ciseaux de cuisine

  • Herb scissors: they have several blades side by side to cut aromatic herbs more quickly. If you opt for a model like this, check first whether a cleaning comb is included with your purchase.


Other scissors we recommend

Westmark Herb Scissors 11752280 (£15.99 upon publication): a particularly interesting choice for aromatic herbs. Slightly heavy (153 g), these scissors are specially designed to cut herbs quickly thanks to their 5 pairs of blades. During our tests, we agreed that this is an undeniable advantage when it comes to getting the job done in record time. In addition, they come with a small plastic comb to help dislodge weeds that get stuck between the blades. As the 8cm blades are stainless steel, the brand says the scissors are dishwasher safe, but will last longer if washed by hand. However, they are only suitable for herbs…

WMF Touch 18.7920.5100 (£9.47 upon publication): the best thing about them is their good grip. What impressed us most was the very good grip. The inside of the symmetrical handles has a slightly thicker rubber coating than on the Amazon Basics Premium. The 8cm stainless steel serrated blades cut straight (and not jagged like some others) through a variety of materials: paper, baking paper, cardboard, soft and hard plastic and fabric. We also found them very good for finely chopping aromatic herbs (thyme, lemon balm, rosemary). Weighing only 103 g, they are quite light and comfortable to use. Our left-handed tester also found these scissors very good. However, we were not as convinced by the symmetry of their handles as we were with others. The latter made us eliminate them from our main selection.


Other tested kitchen scissors

Arcos Series Prochef 784901 (£6.29 upon publication): When put to the test, these scissors passed all cutting tests. However, their grip is not up to the standard of other models we have tested.

Arcos Series Prochef 185601 (£8.00 upon publication): Do their job well, that’s all. However, the red parts are made of the same material as the rest of the handle, which we found a bit misleading and affects the comfort of the grip.

Arcos Series Prochef 185701 (£8.30 upon publication): During tests, these scissors were able to effectively cut through cloth, paper, cardboard, plastic and grass. However, their serrated stainless steel blades do not allow for very smooth cuts. In addition, their weight (130 g) is not well distributed, giving the impression that they are rather heavy.



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